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5 Web Development Trends in 2020

All web developers want to create popular and alluring applications that attract a lot of people. To achieve this goal, they need to create up-to-date software products that follow modern trends. If you desire to create leading-edge web applications, scroll down below and find the top five web developing tendencies in 2020.


They help improve remarketing efficiency and boost sales. It’s vital not to overuse them so that users don’t block notifications.

For instance, if you have a web portal that monitors paper writing services, don't forget to notify users about the latest SpeedyPaper discount code available, new assignment writing platforms appeared, important news in the niche, etc.


Web developers do not hesitate to collect users’ data on the Internet. Most sites use the collected data to increase sales, retention rate, number of visits, etc. However, users don't like their details being collected by third-party companies.

Therefore, privacy is one of the latest tendencies in web development. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), websites have to notify users regarding the collected data when they enter a website. In mere words, the cookie-notification banner should appear for every new user on a website.

Also, web developers should create a mechanism to delete all users' data per request. It can imply a name, location, IP-address, nickname, etc.


People like asking experts when they can’t choose a product by themselves. Instant online support can be super helpful. Just imagine you need to clarify one detail before hitting the purchase button on a website. Using an online chat popup, you can contact an expert and ask your question.

Unfortunately, a lot of small companies cannot hire enough employees to provide customer care services all the time. Even if a 24/7 support chat is available, you may need to wait a lot of time to ask a question to a free operator. Moreover, they can reply with a 10 minutes delay because of a large number of clients.

Chatbots can resolve all the issues. For sure, chatbots cannot hire someone to do homework for you. Nevertheless, they can instantly help customers choose the best products, collect their contact details, and increase the overall satisfaction rate.

Progressive Web Apps

Mobile apps have great interfaces, rich functionality, and can work offline. However, they have one disadvantage. Mobile applications should be installed separately. PWAs resolves this issue. That’s why this technology becomes extremely popular.

Progressive Web Apps works as mobile applications after being loaded in a browser. AliExpress, Forbes, and Pinterest are the top examples of PWAs. Also, the technology helps reduce the loading time and consumes less traffic.

Motion User Interface

These days users like animated interfaces. Motion UI makes websites and web applications more attractive. Also, it helps captivate users’ attention and stand you from competitors.

For instance, it's very engaging to browse a website with animated components while looking for an answer to the question, "Who can do my math assignment". Also, the Motion UI improves the educational curve for new users thanks to animated elements.

Bonus Web Development Trend

People don't use desktops to surf the Internet these days. More than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, all modern devices should have a fully-responsive design.

In mere words, the adjustable layout should measure a device’s screen width and re-arrange all the elements correspondingly. Moreover, if a modern website doesn’t look well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, Google worsens its ranking.

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